Faith, Love and Marketing

employed copywriter at oliverfox - Feb 28, 2018

Coley O'Toole

Founder of Oliver Fox Advertising / One Smart, LLP

Recently I took the time to hang out with OliverFox Advertising agency founder Coley O’Toole to see what it takes to expand a $15,000 personal investment into one of the areas fastest growing marketing agencies, capturing over 250 clients in just three years.

Turned down by every local bank in the area, Coley fell back onto his incredible faith and love of the marketing world. His driven aspirations to create an agency built on the principles he had learned early on in his career, propelled him to ignore the rejections and focus on success.

"Failure wasn’t an option and I had too much to offer to the industry to not take a chance on providing exceptional marketing ideas without breaking the bank for my clients. Only a few years later, 90% of my business comes from client referrals. That shows me that my belief and business sense didn’t let me and my team down. I am excited to continue the growth of Oliver Fox", said O’Toole.

But don’t think that Coley is satisfied with this success, in fact, he is progressing into the future of Smart marketing with the addition of his new venture ONESMART!

“OneSmart is a total business solutions group with a technological vision for the future of marketing”, said O’Toole about the new company that launched just this month.

This new opportunity was afforded because of the success of Oliver Fox. As the agency continued to grow Coley was sought out by a technology group in South America, ONC-IT.

“ONC has been investing in and providing high quality networking and wifi marketing solutions based on technology needs and opportunities for companies to grow”, said managing partner of OneSmart and ONC-IT President, Walter Kruger.

Kruger, living and working in Plano, Texas was introduced to OliverFox by an article referencing the top 3 agencies in the area.

“After seeing the growth of OliverFox and speaking with Coley and his team, we just knew it was a perfect fit, so we formed OneSmart. By combining our expertise of technology and marketing we hope to bring a new innovative way to improve businesses in North Texas.”

Coley will never be comfortable with success nor waiver from the ever-increasing workloads it takes to achieve the goals of his endeavors. If you ever want to see this first hand, just give him a call. He’s not a founder or president that watches from the window of his corner office, moreover he will be the first hand you shake when you meet his team. Coley has faith in his companies, love for what he does and passion to bring the best possible marketing solutions to anyone who wants to join him on his journey.


As many of you may have noticed I have recently invested in and helped to create the next stage of my entrepreneurial marketing career, ONESmart!

ONESmart offers high-level professional marketing and intelligent technology services for your business.

Much like OliverFox Advertising, I am building this new agency with the same asperations, attention to details and service oriented processes that you have always been accustomed to.

We have all the same team on board but have added expertise from our new partners ONC-IT and Cisco to help us propel our services in the next realm of smart marketing.

My aspiration behind this new project is for all of you! For all my wonderful friends and loyal customers so I will be able to provide you every conceivable service to build and enhance your businesses. Now and into the future.

So please contact me at OliverFox Advertising or ONESmart to discuss current projects and new ideas to fulfill all your own business aspirations.

Thank you

Coley O’Toole
Founder / Client Relations
Oliver Fox Advertising / One Smart, LLP